Winter Holiday Classroom Decorations

As a teacher, decorating your classroom during the winter holiday season should be a lot of fun. The key to success is to keep your decorations non-religious and neutral – this will help you avoid issues with your school as well as with parents.

Here are some of the most common winter holiday classroom decorations:


Whether you make them alone or with your students, making snowflakes will get you into the holiday spirit as quickly as almost anything. They can be hung from the ceiling or attached to the walls of your classroom. They make for great decorations as they are affordable, attractive, and bring an overall sense of Christmas and the winter season to each and every student.

Not only is it simple for students to make snowflakes, but you will not have to spend too much money getting all the classroom supplies. In fact, you probably have what you need already. To get started, all you need is paper and scissors. Students may also want to use crayons and glitter to decorate their snowflake.

Winter Scenes

Another inexpensive idea for winter holiday classroom decorations is making winter scenes. Use black or blue construction paper (or banner paper if you want to make one large scene for the entire class to participate in) as the background, as well as white crayons or paints for the snow. Have your students decorate the scene however they see fit. Each student can make his or her own winter scene, or you can have one big one that everybody works on.

Before you get started with this project you should spend a few dollars on all the necessary teacher supplies. Since you don’t need much, this is an affordable project. A few of the most important school supplies include: construction paper or poster board, paint, crayons, markers, cotton balls (for snow), and glue.


This is by far one of the best winter holiday classroom decorations. In order to get started, you will need the following teaching supplies:

· Three shapes of Styrofoam balls: small, medium, and large
· Toothpicks
· Paint or paint pens
· Cotton balls for fake snow
· Black buttons
· Black and orange construction paper (for the nose, mouth, and eyes)
· Glue

Why take your students outside to make real snowmen (way too messy) when you can do this project in the warmth of your classroom?

It makes good sense to have a designated area for making these classroom decorations. This allows you to bring the holiday season to your classroom, but not so much that it gets in the way of learning. As long as you stay organized, your classroom can easily double as both a top notch learning environment as well as a winter wonder spectacular.

All of these ideas make for great winter holiday classroom decorations that everybody, from teachers to students, will enjoy.